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Neeners is a 19-year resident of Anchorage. She could write a long restaurant review just about the design of the menu. She has gone through several Anchorage Renaissances and is always looking for something new to do in this go-kart town.

Favorite downtown things:


The Muffin Man (roast beef sandwich)

Simon & Seaforts bar

Crow's Nest bar

Haute Quarter

Fat Ptarmigan

Club Paris

Lucky Deli (best Chinese Food)

F Street (French onion soup and candy)

People Mover

Alaska Zoo shuttle

Walking the alleys downtown and Bootlegger's Cove

Cemetery tours

Ping Pong table on 9th and E

Anchorage Community Works (Ship Creek)

Rest of Anchoragua:

Duane's Antiques and Mr. Prime Beef on a Saturday

Pizza Olympia

Johnny Chicago's

Kaladi Bros on the Tudor curve

Rugby grounds in Paradise Valley