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May 16, 2015

Restaurant Review: Downtown (DT) Grill

802-B Gambell St. at 9th in between Anchorage Athletic Club and Driven

DT Grill has been open since 2013, but it feels like they are working out the bugs. The word on the street is that the chefs are brilliant and creative, but the front can't sell it. I agree that the food is good "New American", comfort food with a kick and a nice break  from the regular downtown fare. Who owns DT Grill? Who's the head chef? I have no idea. Some notes based on last night's dinner with a friend:

Dress Code 

Step it up a notch. The cheap, see-through, bra-revealing sleeveless top our server was wearing is inappropriate for this place. Nobody wants to see an armpit at a restaurant. Nobody.


The bar manager came over and explained at length why the draught beers we ordered were not available (technical problems). We sympathize the difficulties of running a restaurant, but please do not burden us with details, just apologize and offer us another choice. The woman who bussed our table gathered every single plate and utensil and clanked them on top of each other, making it impossible for us to continue our conversation. Please carry them away quietly or use a tray or something else.


Interior: modern, warm and comfortable, live music is a great touch

Smells: There is an odor problem which is noticeable on entrance and throughout the meal we both noticed a distinctively foul odor, which can only be described as vomit. I don't know what it was, but stop cooking or cleaning with things that smell like vomit.

Specials: White board is a sloppy afterthought

Menus: Cheap, laminated sheets that belong at a BBQ food truck, not a nice sit-down restaurant. Buy a laser printer that prints 11x17, and print new menus often. Don't get me started on the logo.

Overall: Go. What the kitchen can do outweighs the rest, but not sure a place like this can last.